Our judging criteria

Competition Rules and Judgement Criteria

Basic rules


The NZ Dance Challenge is to be performed using the routine shown in our step-by-step tutorial videos. There is an option to choreograph a specific section or sections of the dance routine should you wish to extend your student’s creativity and further showcase your school’s talent!


Participants are to wear their school uniform. Use of additional props or accessories will need to be approved by us first.


Each new Dance Challenge will be performed to an original song chosen by the team at NZ Dance Challenge.

Numbers of participants per video

There are no restrictions on the number of participating students. You are welcome to submit your school’s video starring a few individual students, selected classes or with the whole school completing the Dance Challenge (or a combination of these). Videos can be filmed in short clips and edited together or recorded in one take.

Numbers of video entries

One video entry per school is included in the registration fee. Additional video entries can be purchased at an additional cost. Only entries from registered schools will be considered.

Judgement Criteria

There are 3 main criteria that will be taken into consideration when selecting the best video entry of each Dance Challenge:


  • Execution
    How precise each dancer’s movements are within the chosen choreography; how strong each move is; how cleanly the dance is performed
  • Timing
    How students coordinate each movement with the beat of the music
  • Synchronicity
    How in time one dancer is with another and with the music


The ability to represent the Dance Challenge including new ideas or new ways, stepping outside of the box. We will consider:

  • Location
    The background(s) chosen to perform the routine
  • Use of space
    In dance referred to as ‘formations’
  • The idea of the video
    Flash mob, showing each individual class separately, whole school doing it etc.
  • Any moves chosen to replace a part of the choreography designated by NZDC, if applicable


While there is no minimum or maximum number of participants required, points will be awarded to those schools that encourage participants of all ages and abilities to participate.

Awards and Prizes

One school will be selected to become the NZ Dance Challenge winning school.

There are also awards for:

  • Creativity
  • Dance step execution
  • Best choreography changes
  • Most enthusiastic dancers