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Learning the Dance Challenge

Watch sample tutorial

Students will love learning each unique dance challenge routine with our fun, step-by-step tutorial videos by dance experts Molly, Poppy, Quinn & Dylan. Click the button for an example of one possible way you can utilise our resources.

We provide everything you need to help you teach and customise each challenge to suit your student’s needs and to fit in with your school’s schedule.

Watch a sample tutorial


  • Start with “Tutorial Video — Part 1”.
  • Play a few times to practice each individual move as they are shown in the video.
  • Practice with music.
  • Follow the same process with Tutorial Videos — Part 2 and 3.
  • Schedule 30 min sessions once a week until the entire routine is learnt (~3–4 weeks).


  • Practice the entire routine with music and our “Dance along video”
  • This can be run as a daily fitness activity
  • Schedule 5 min sessions daily


  • Perform the routine with music and simply record a video of the entire dance routine (See our teacher resources for more ideas on how to record the video).
  • Submit your video and be in to win exciting prizes and the chance to become the leading school in our next dance challenge!