Our next challenge

Term 3 2022 Dance Challenge — ‘E Tū Tāngata’

For our next challenge we are very excited to be working together with E Tū Tāngata to not only bring more dance to kiwi kids but to also promote the positive message of ‘Standing Together’ and tackling tall poppy syndrome in Aotearoa.

It is a partnership that makes perfect sense. Stand Together – Dance Together!

It is proven that synchronised movements play a big part in the release of endorphins, so when we groove with others there is an underpinning social-bonding effect. We would love students to come together, dance together and to have fun while feeling a sense of unity and jointly sharing the success of achieving a common goal.

Click below to have listen to the catchy song we will be using; we love the positive and important message.


Who are E Tū Tāngata?

In New Zealand we have a culture of criticism (Tall Poppy Syndrome). E Tū Tāngata (Stand Together) is an initiative focused on turning that around. Through free online resources, they empower people to build a culture where every person is valued.

Visit www.etutangata.nz to find out more about the amazing work the team at E Tū Tāngata are doing in New Zealand schools.